Entrepreneur x Writer

Founder @ Four Lemon - a performance marketing company based in New Delhi. Author @ Penguin Random House (coming Dec '19)

About Me

I like to call myself an accidental generalist. I went to engineering school (DCE) to become a specialist, but as I was exposed to more of the world and was able to have a macro view, I started studying more broadly, going from coding to design, which ended up in me dropping out and starting a few businesses. Now all I am good at is just starting startups. That’s a side effect of doing startups.

I run a performance marketing company. I am also writing a book with Akshat Tyagi with Penguin titled “Now That We Are Here: The Future of Everything” for anybody wanting a generalist education.

Before this I have started and shuttered two clothing companies. First one was a street wear brand that I started before hip hop broke out onto the mainstream in India that sprung out of my love for the skateboarding and b-boying culture. The other one was and a custom fit women’s clothing business, because as our tag line said: Behind every woman's success is a well stitched dress. There were a few others companies in between. It all started with a tech blog I started in college where I explained and opined on science, tech and tech-culture, and now we are here.

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